** As of 8/1/12 due to the current worldwide helium shortage, a surcharge will be added to all helium orders.



This bright and playful arrangement is perfect for grads of all ages. Best of all, itís sure to delight with an animated Grad Cap appearing to be flung into the air in celebration! Colors can be changed to match the school. Prices starts at $59.95. Use at the commencement, at the party or send it to the graduate as a gift!

Year Balloons


Use these 36" tall numbers for New Year's, Graduation or anytime! As an arch, on a buffet table or as part of the decorations! These balloons come in solid colors too! Gold, Blue, Silver, Purple and Hot Pink. Patterns include Zebra, Mighty Bright, Designer or Party designs. Order the numbers 1 thru 0 in all colors! Can be helium or air filled.

Give 'em a Hand!


You Did It!


Super Grad

This Super Grad stands nearly 7 feet tall and will welcome guests at a party, serve as a gift to the grad or grace a stage or any other place where a BIG impact is needed! Pick your color for the front: Blue, Red, Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Purple, Mocha Brown or White. comes with an 18í Grad balloon too! (+ Helium Surcharge) . Order now before we run out!



Make a grand entrance with our "Class of 2014" decor! With or without the columns, these letters send a clear message that "school's out for summer" ! These 40" numbers also come in solid Gold, Red, Blue, Purple or Silver. Call or email us for your custom price.

$89.95 + Helium Surcharge

(Smaller columns can be made for use on the floor or a table. Priced from $ 39.95 & up.)


Invite this cool character to the party to decorate the place or send it to the newly graduated student! Choose any school colors for the body and arms. Stands 5 feet tall. Includes a standard 18 or 21 inch message mylar balloon. So much fun!

$49.95 + Helium Surcharge