** As of 8/1/12 due to the current worldwide helium shortage, a surcharge will be added to all helium orders.

School Events and Dances

Themed Event Decor!

Contact us today to get one-of-a-kind arrangements that fit within your theme. Photo ideas availble upon request!

Enchanting Entrance

This design creates a gateway into an evening where memories will last a lifetime! Simple, elegant and affordable. This decor can be used inside or outside the main room. You decide!

Simply Spectacular!

This decor is simple, versatile and can be recycled! Move it inside after all your guests have arrive!
You pick from over 60 colors of balloons on our Color Chart!

Pretty in Pink!

This unique arch and columns can be used for a Valentine's Day dance, Sweetest Day, Bridal Fair and more! Change the colors and use it for a wedding or baby shower, communion, graduation, anniversary or birthday! The choices are endless!


Use giant letters to spell out your event name! You can use it for anything! Schools, Non-profits. Walks/Runs, Welcome Home, Political Rallies, and more. The options are endless!


Use letters above an arch to convey your message in a BIG way! This was designed to float over the weekend for the Rite Aid Marathon health expo. They loved it and you will too!


Attract attention to your event by decorating the curb area! These topiaries and swirl columns let everyone know the party was there!


This sculpture was used at the Indians Kid's Fun Days. We also made a batter!

Lupi Lupus!

We created this guy as a mascot for the Lupus Foundation of Greater Cleveland! They loved him! He went from their walk event, to their office, to a Dr's meeting. It lasted for weeks!

Start the Commencement!

She was the hit of the commencement in her Red and Black school colors. We made a "grad guy" to match her! Order a pair for your graduation stage!

$ 69.95 each

Patriotic Hot air Balloon

This balloon design can float above the floor OR sit on a table filled with gifts OR be used to hold cards or raffle tickets!

They start @ $69.00