** As of 8/1/12 due to the current worldwide helium shortage, a surcharge will be added to all helium orders.

Special Effects

Glitzz and Glamour!

Imagine the doors of your "Sweet Table & Chocolate Fountain " room opening to reveal Giant Sparklers flooding a darkened room with light! Listen to all the "Ooo's " and "Ahhh's " from the guests. They'll never forget your party and neither will you!

Balloon Greeters!

And the unique "Balloon Greeters" standing straight up from the floor will add a magical effect to the room! People will ask "How did they do that?"

Spectacular Balloon Ceiling!

Create the most breath taking entrance by covering the ceiling with hundreds of balloons! This intricate design is astonishing from any angle!

Sparkling Wedding Wishes!

As you hear "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife", these Sparklers create a romantic shimmering effect to celebrate the new Bride and Groom!

Breath-Taking Balloon Drops!

From a simple cascade to an awe-inspiring rush of color in motion, your balloon drop can be personalized to your needs and budget

Mini Balloon Cascade

A big effect for a small cost, this low-tech balloon drop is hung from the ceiling and popped with a 5 foot "magic wand" at just the right moment! 35 - 40 smaller balloons (and confetti if allowed) cascade from the 36" balloon when it's popped! Great photo opportunity, don't you think?

"Light Up the Night"

Jazz up your event décor with Party Dots and Sparkle Ribbon! Available in 7 colors that blink or glow to light up your balloons for up to 48 hours! Everyone will be in awe at the magical setting these will create, just ask us to add them to YOUR décor today!

Party Dots

Party Dot lighting turns any boring centerpiece into the highlight of the party!

Sparkle Ribbon

Give your ceiling balloons a new extravagant look with sparkle ribbon at the Entrance or in the center of the party!